System Architecture Planning

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When designing a solution, it is important to future-proof the solution. Our experience with software allows us to ‘think ahead’ and design a foundation and framework that can be easily leveraged when additional modules or functions are deployed.

In SuccessFactors, it is important to design the solution to work with other modules which may not be deployed in the current phase of the project. It’s complex and difficult to undo/redo (retrofit) functionality. As an example, while a client may not be deploying payroll today, as part of their project, the design of the Core HR solution should cater for the future need when payroll will be deployed. So, when we deploy a Core HR module such as Employee Central, we design the solution to integrate with Employee Central Payroll by ensuring the framework and foundations are extendable and scalable. 

KALTech also extends the functionality provided by SAP SuccessFactors with additional custom functionality as well as connecting other 3rd party solution to the suite. We are a certified partner of WorkForce Software for their EmpLive solution, which caters for the Time and Attendance requirements of client.

We are also the reseller of Spinifex Payroll solutions and we are the reseller of ProcessRunner, a data management suite for SAP. 

System Architecture Planning