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We design solutions that meet the immediate needs, but are also scalable and conducive to business changes. We take a complete view of what the solution should ‘ideally’ look like, when defining the individual components of the solution. This approach removes surprises and future-proofs the solution as new functionality and modules are commissioned.

It’s important to understand the ‘moving parts’ of SuccessFactors and their inter-dependencies. Since we are highly experienced in SAP solutions, we have a detailed understanding of the dependencies, pros and cons of specific approaches and we have compiled a reference list of typical ‘gotchas’.

Over the years, KALTech has built a valuable library of knowledge and solution understanding, which contributes to the ‘KALTech Difference’. We take these learnings into every project, thereby avoiding making the same mistakes and wasting time, but also dedicating time to true value-add activities.

We have used many integration toolsets including the toolset provided by SAP. We are familiar with the configuration of these as well as some of the ‘undocumented features or issues’ with some toolsets.

Solution Architecture