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SAP Consulting
Our certified consultants have cross industry experience in the implementation and support of SAP across many versions of SAP. We have both functional and technical consultants available to deliver the best solution.

We can implement, enhance and support SAP systems across multiple versions. We can now deliver SAP functionality as an on premise, hybrid or fully cloud deployment. SAP is scalable and with the new cloud strategy, you can start anywhere (small) and go everywhere (big).

We have delivered projects that have run over multiple years to projects that have gone live in under 12 weeks. Contact us for more details.

Self Service
Every organisation strives for good data quality with the reduced data maintenance effort. KALTech’s Self Service solutions allow you use standard ESS/MSS functions or to deploy simplified functions for ESS/MSS.

Using forms and screens, we can ‘push’ or ‘pull’ data to and from users. This encourages ownership of the data which then improves data quality and shortens turn-around times.

We have techniques and technology that accelerates the delivery of these solutions.

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Data Management
Simplify data uploads and downloads between SAP and Excel (or databases). Our data automation software solution will allow you to manage SAP data - without writing a single line of code or using LSMW. This solution is targeted at end-users, so it’s easy to use and powerful.

Data Management can be extended to work with Sharepoint or other supported databases. Why invest in a toolset that is restricted to data conversion, when you can have a solutions that can be used for that and ongoing BAU support requirements.

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SAP stores a wealth of information but this data is useless unless you can get effective reports in a timely manner. Our Reporting solutions allow you to get the best from your SAP data.

We specialise in:
• SAP HCM Reporting
• Flexible Reporting Toolkit – Any SAP Module
• Integration with Crystal Reporting
• Flexible Interface Generation
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We have skills in standard SAP security as well as SAP HR Security. Our ‘accelerator’ Security package will help check your security setup quickly and effectively. We have documentation, templates and processes to guide you - ensuring a robust outcome you can be confident in. Our services include testing with reports and alerts sent to the security administrator for review and action. Reports can also be generated for a single day or a range of days, displayed in a dashboard format.

Governance, Risk and Compliance is important to prevent embarrassment and/or litigation. Whether it's SAP GRC or a best-of-breed solution, KALTech has the expertise and experience for a successful outcome. We will help you navigate the GRC maze using our Framework Library, templates, questionnaires, reports and proven implementation experience. We have a proven solution to address this effectively.

You can enjoy the benefits of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Incident management. You may want to consider our GRC Jumpstart package and then extend into the SAP GRC functions. If you prefer a non-SAP solution, we can implement a ‘best of breed’ solution that will meet your requirements.

Contact us for more details.

Our Mobility solution makes it easy to build and deploy mobile applications that are differentiated by rich user experience and works across multiple mobile platforms with seamless enterprise integration. These solutions are flexible, adaptable and targeted to maximize business efficiency. They are built on capabilities and track record, with an assurance of quick turnaround time, high quality, high reliability and ease-of-use.

The solution comes with a rich list of pre-delivered applications that can be deployed ‘out of the box’.
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