Successfactors May 2016 Release – Simplified

This release, strengthens the mobility and user experiences, with other tweaks to ensure SuccessFactors continues to provide the best support to HR and payroll professionals based on past experience and expectations. As a SuccessFactors consultant at KALTech, I personally experienced print issues and other consulting challenges. I’m pleased to announce that this release has addressed many of those shortcomings and improved functionality. After a system upgrade, every customer can leverage the innovations and keep themselves engaged with Successfactors. It’s about loving work again.
The Q2 Release focuses on platform and applications integration, mobility, workforce analytics, intelligent services, pay and rewards. Here is my insight based on release notes, customer reactions and consulting experience.


‘One device one profile’ has changed now. Multiple profiles can be accessed on android devices and users can now share devices and switch profiles in the test and production environment. Customers can save on device costs and drive better user adoption.
SuccessFactors May Release
People Profile V3 is now supported on iPad and new performance improvements in personal profile loads information faster than before.
With Team View, managers can now view team summaries, competency gaps and locations while actioning requests by sending a message or place a phone call to their team from their profile.
Mobile activation can now be done via a QR code on Android and iOS devices. The device camera can be used to scan the QR code making long activation codes are a thing of the past – and I bet I’ll hear loud applause to that.

Goals and Performance Management

The new responsive design is based on Fiori. It gives users a personalised experience on multiple devices. These enhancements are available for both android and iOS. the Goal Management UI is unified with other UI’s such as Employee Central and EC data is now visible in Goals. In my opinion, this will certainly improve the overall mobile experience and allow for greater appreciation of the data in the system.
PDF Printing issues
In the past PDF printing issues were experienced in PM forms. Previously the page orientation was defaulting to landscape, page set up settings weren’t working to name a few of the old issues. As a SFSF consultant I’ve run into these problems on several occasions so I’m glad this issue has been addressed and resolved.
Intelligent Services new additions
Intelligent Services simplifies complex HR processes – reducing time, cost and effort to manually update multiple systems. It aims at transforming self-services into “Intelligent Services”. It consolidates transactions and processes based on employee events and further guides users through screens to make recommendations though processes. This will certainly help in ensuring users proxy others when going on leave amongst other things.
Intelligent Services consolidates HR transactions when a Global Relocation event is initiated and related actions are triggered like a mail notification sent to employee, the new location is updated in the master data and change is made in payroll. This leads to greater efficiency in travel booking and expense reimbursement. With an aim to improve user experience, this feature will go a long way in fulfilling complex views from my experience to date.
SuccessFactors May Release

Employee Central

Country specific localisation capability extends to 77 countries with Cambodia and Sri Lanka amongst the new inclusions. EC Payroll has increased to 36 countries with Qatar, Thailand and South Africa being the new inclusions.
New hire data has to be manually entered by admins. The new hire wizard can be saved as draft and retrieved later. Also, admins can now mask confidential data like date of birth, TFN etc.

Recruitment and Onboarding

SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign can now be used for all electronic signatures. This will be extensively used in Recruitment and Onboarding and manual signatures will soon be a thing of the past.
In recruitment, dynamic multimedia components can be embedded in job pages e.g. videos. This makes candidate communication more effective.
At KALTech we are guiding our customers onto these cutting edge new functionalities. It is indeed about loving work again!!!!!
SAP SuccessFactors Consultant

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