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I guess I’m about to reveal my age bracket – but as they say: there is no substitute for experience!
When I started out in IT, systems took multiple years to deliver and they usually never came close to customer expectations – primarily – because the requirements were locked in. While the customer requirements were changing to suit business demands, the system being delivered was based on ‘old’ requirements. I’m sure we have all seen many a diagram on what the Customer Expected and what IT delivered.
As recently as May 2015, KALTech delivered an SAP on premise solution with a duration of years. What if we could deliver business value in months and not years?
Well – SuccessFactors has not only changed the rules of the game, they have changed the GAME! Any company trying to delivery Cloud solutions with an on premise paradigm will find that they are foreigners in a cloud world. At KALTech, we took the bold decision to embrace the Cloud quickly. While we still have a strong practice that supports many on premise clients, we have pushed ourselves to learn, change and adopt new methods and processes. Putting a new engine in an old car does not make the car new – it had to be a paradigm shift, with full management commitment and total employee dedication.
It was a bold decision, supported by hard work, many hours of commitment to learning and loss of billable time – but we are enjoying the benefits of that commitment already.
This customer took a risk – reversed a decision to buy another product – and trusted KALTech to deliver. In under 17 days, KALTech delivered SuccessFactors functionality to this client who has operations within Australia and overseas. This was no simple task – but we were out to prove that it can be done! Commitment from the client and KALTech ensured that on the 1st July, the system was live. Yes a lot of things had to fall into place, but good governance, executive sponsorship from the client and KALTech as well as a talented a dedicated delivery team made this all possible.
Pics: Part of the Implementation Team, The KALTech Difference, Cupcakes for the Project
No longer does the customer have to guess what they will get – now they are involved in creating what they will get and this simplifies the process – not to mention, reduce the tension and disagreements. At KALTech we have always put customer satisfaction high on our priority list – and this project was no exception. This was not a ‘simple’ implementation – it had multiple specific user requirements as well as multiple SuccessFactors functions to deploy.
This implementation has proven that you can have:
• Quick implementations (did I say in as little as 17 days)
• Customer centric functionality
• Projects supported by full documentation
• And so much more
All delivered on time, within budget and there’s no telling how much credibility and faith this restores.
I invite you to experience the KALTech Difference – contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

This entry was posted on July 7th, 2015.
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  • Ben July 8, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    Wow! What was the total user base? What were the modules implemented? Was it greenfield? Any Data migration/integration complexity? Any interfaces/integrations built? So all users were trained in all modules during the implementation?

    • Calvin July 9, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Ben,
      I will try and answer ALL of your questions – but some details are commercially sensitive or protected by NDA’s.

      The solution caters for 1000+ users spread over 4 locations in multiple countries. They are deploying in phases.
      There were multiple modules implemented in Wave 1 with the client confirming today in our meeting that they will be going with more modules in Wave2.
      Yes is was greenfields – First SAP product at this client.
      Only the usual known data issues. We are sharing data with internal systems.
      We adopted an approach that actively educated users – but SuccessFactors functionality is intuitive (as you may know) and there is lots of collateral ‘read to use’.

      Hope this helps.

      BTW: What as are some of your experiences with implementing SuccessFactors. I suggest you also write a blog or something as we are all learning in this area.

  • Rajay July 10, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Wonderful Calvin. Amazed at the speed of implementation. I always read Kaltech’s success story with lot of interest.

    • Calvin July 13, 2015 at 2:38 pm

      Thank you Rajay.

      We are always about offering the customer the best value for money and we believe in quality delivery.

      We have experience consultants as well as proven collateral that facilitates this.

  • Henriette Rust July 10, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Calvin, congratulations! It seems very impressive. It took us some months to implement, but we are almost live with all talent management modules of SF. Where can I obtain more info ito collateral ‘read to use’?
    All the best.

    • Calvin July 13, 2015 at 2:40 pm

      Hi Henriette,

      Great to read that you are on the SF journey as well. Would love to help with any additional work you may have.

      As for the ‘Ready to Use’ collateral – these are made available to the partner by SuccessFactors. We used this to speed up the delivery and training materials.



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