SuccessFactors Employee Central

SuccessFactors Employee Central (SFSF – EC) is a great solution to Align your people on the right path, Optimise the right people to make them efficient and to Accelerate your business to run better.
One of the features I found astounding in EC is the ability to view direct and indirect reports via the Organisational Structure. This custom view is exportable. You can view by either “Hierarchy or by Team”.
Hierarchy View
Team View
EC has a quick link for Managers and the HR team to view the employees information (e.g. Employee Development Plan) by clicking the information icon from the organisational chart (available with the appropriate permissions).
EC’s Organisation Structure can be built by simply using the “user directory template” (screen shot below) and populating the employee’s information, their position, department, reporting/direct managers etc. EC has a seamless way of importing and exporting employee master data by using the same template below.
Every user has a different taste on how their dashboard should look. In EC, users can simply customise their own dashboard by dragging and dropping screens.
One of the features that I would like to highlight is the seamless way of processing a Leave Application. SFSF – ESS/MSS has an easy access via the Employee File with a built in mobility feature so that managers can approve leave requests on the go.
Once the leave request has been submitted by the employee, it will trigger an email to the manager and also reflect in the manager’s dashboard with a status of ‘pending for approval’.
These are just few of the features, (amongst others), that I was impressed with. In summary, SFSF-EC is a holistic solution with built in simplicity, seamless access and is user friendly too. Contact KALTech to customise a solution for your employees at
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This entry was posted on June 3rd, 2015.

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