Introducing KALES – The future is here!!!

KALTech Group announces the release of its latest HR, Payroll and Travel Expense business solution catering to the growing demand for simplified effective solutions. KALES (KALTech Employment Solutions) is powered by Ramco HCM and is more than just a software solution. It is a complete business solution offering a hosted solution, partial or fully managed services – reducing your overall cost and improving your profitability.
Traditional players have starved the market of innovation. Limited functionality, expensive enhancements and costs for reports, inquiries, etc. all add up to the total operating costs. KALES is a complete solution covering all HR functions including Expense Management. Now you can focus on your people and not spend time navigating around systems or worrying about future changes. In fact change is inevitable. Our technology is designed keeping this in mind, so that you can focus on your business. We offer Core HR (Workforce Management), Time & Attendance, Payroll (across 35+ countries), Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning and Analytics.
Delivered via a smooth and impressive UI, the solution is easy to understand and operate. The mobile app facilitates greater access to the system and can also act as an employee kiosk for Time Capture. We also offer offline time capture (for those occasions when you lose system connectivity). Some of the key innovations are:

  • Mail It ➜ Interact with the system via email. You can query the system (e.g.: leave balances), create requests (e.g.: Travel Request), Approve or Reject the same. There are about 50 such transactions that can be ‘automated’ via this ZERO UI approach.
  • Thumb It ➜ Accelerate your mobile capture process by have defaults ‘dropped in’ as the system ‘learns’ the most commonly used options.
  • Hub It ➜ Improve efficiency by seeing all relevant data to a function in a single screen. You can run the Recruitment or Payroll or Time functions from a single screen.
  • Empsense ➜ Capture the mood of your organisation for better business management.

KALES is designed for growing companies and is scalable. Some of our unique features are:

  • Complete organic solution from hire to retire designed with refreshing simplicity e.g.: Mail it.
  • Intelligent; understands the user/purpose/situation context enabling actionable insights.
  • Unified HR, Time & Attendance with Global Payroll across 35+ countries and growing.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise business applications.
  • Kiosk via Mobile Devices.

We understand that not all companies are the same and we have a powerful rules engine that allows us to configure the solution to meet your specific Award/EBA conditions.
KALTech has delivered BPO services for many large organisations and with this wealth of experience; we can offer customers these 3 options:

  • Hosted ➜ We will host the system and you execute all activities.
  • Partially Managed Service ➜ We host the system and we execute some activities on your behalf while you do others.
  • Fully Managed Service ➜ We host and execute activities as agreed.

We can also provide full support services as part of the service.
So why not contact us and hear how over 400+ customers are benefiting from this solution.

This entry was posted on August 22nd, 2016.

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