The KALTech Group of companies was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia to provide excellent service at a fair price. The KALTech Group currently operates in all capital cities of Australia as well as in New Zealand, India, South Africa and has a growing global footprint.
KALTech Consulting and KALTech Consulting Services are members of the KALTech Group of companies operating across the globe. These companies focus on Software Consulting activities. We have excellent business and system experience:- with these two aspects combined, we offer better value to our customers. We fully understand the daily business, operational challenges and pressures our customers face and use our expertise to resolve these with minimal disruption to the business.

KALTech Consulting specialises in:

SAP® Human Capital Management (including all sub-modules)
SAP® FI and Control (FI/CO)
SAP Business Intelligence
SAP Portals
ABAP (Standard and HR-ABAP)
and other modules of SAP®
We have solution enablers for SAP® HCM and we also have an excellent Data Management Toolset (for all modules of SAP including CRM), which is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. We also have partnerships with many other companies – refer to our Partners page.
KALTech Melbourne Office

This entry was posted on March 22nd, 2013.