Working smart with KALES

As seen in our previous blogs, KALES is delivered via a smooth and impressive UI. Some key innovations which have been developed are highlighted below:
Thumb It: This concept is built into the system and ensures true mobility functionality and experience. The system enables users to scroll and select items that they want to see, thereby reducing effort during administrative activities. For example, employees may view their current and previous payslips directly on the app with all related information displayed on the one screen.
Thumb it
Mail It: You can request your leave balance or payslip without even logging into the system, Yes, that’s right! This is a zero user interface concept. Typical requests and FAQs can be answered by sending an email to a designated email ID, without logging into the system. For example, if an employee wants to know their leave balance, they can type “Leave balance” in the subject line of the email and a response will be emailed back within 20-30 seconds with their current leave balance. The system is also quite intuitive; you could type in “LB” or “Leave Bal” for the same enquiry. The system will even reply back with a help guide highlighting allowed parameters should a request be misspelled or incorrect.
Mail it
Hub It: Users and administrators can build a single window of the most frequently used processes and reports. This is a single cockpit of processes. This feature entails a payroll hub, recruitment hub and a time and attendance hub. All payroll activities can be completed in the payroll hub such as payroll processes, timelines In addition, the payroll configurator facilitates automation of routine processes which reduces administrative effort. This ensures efficiency and effectiveness.
Prompt It: The system is intuitive and can prompt next steps based on past behaviour of the user. This feature is provided through Genie, our intelligent system.
Another interesting and innovative feature is the Wizard Interface. This means that any activity performed by a manager/admin can be arranged in a logical sequence. We have a pre-packaged wizard or conversely, custom wizards can be built by users. In the employee creation wizard (as seen in the image below) all the windows necessary for creating a new employee are open such as: employee file creation, assignment information, additional information, compensation information and bank details.


The most recent innovation is called Empsense. With this feature you can capture the mood of your organisation to better manage your business. Each employee can plug in their moods and this will generate a statistical percentage of how many employees are happy, not happy or just okay.
With more advanced features and options available, talk to KALTech about how KALES could be the solution for your organisation?
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This entry was posted on October 20th, 2016.

SuccessFactors 1608 release login page enhancements

A customised login page for KALTech
A login page customised with the new options from release 1608
I have a background in HTML and design so to me user experience is one of the key metrics I look at when evaluating the system. An engaged user is a happy user. A bored user will spend less time using the systems an organisation has in place. That’s why I’m happy to explore the new login page customisation options available in release 1608.
SuccessFactors already had the ability to customise the login page through HTML/CSS which is the option that will give clients the most amount of flexibility. KALTech implemented this solution at multiple customers who are very satisfied. However customising the login page in this way is best reserved for those with knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as a basic understanding of responsive design.
As of release 1608 SuccessFactors provides a basic set of options to customise the login page. Please note that the standard login screen has also changed in 1608.
Theme manager navigation
Here are a list of the options defined in the “theme manager” section of the “admin center”:

Login Background

Do not change settings – Doesn’t change any settings (default).
Use this theme’s settings – Use settings defined in other parts of the active theme.
Use solid colour – Choose using the colour picker or a hex code.
Upload an image
Repeat – Whether or not the image should repeat on the x, y or both axis.
Position – Position of the image.
*Note that the image does not scale
Overlay option – add either a black or white layer at a given opacity. A black (dark) layer at 83% will darken the image considerably. A white (light) layer at 15% will lighten the image slightly.
Background type – colour of the background text in either dark or light.

Login logo

Use your company logo – Not recommended due to resolution issues.
Use SucessFactors logo – Use the SFSF logo on the login page.
Upload a logo – The most common option (I recommend this).

Login button

Do not change settings – Default settings.
Use this theme’s settings – Use theme settings.
New style settings – configure the below options.
Text colour – Text of the login button.
Text colour hover – Text colour on hover.
Background colour – Background colour of the button.
Background colour hover – Background colour when hovered.
Disabled text colour – Changes disabled text colour.
Disabled background colour – Changes disabled text colour background.

Login Footer

Colour scheme – Changes the footer text to either white (light) or black (dark).


There are a few issues with this option though.
Flash of default background – The default background loads, then the custom background loads. This looks unprofessional to me.
Lack of customisation – Things like a simple hover transition or making the background image scale to the page are impossible without using the custom login page option.
HTML version
An example of a fully customised login page. Note that there are very few limits to this type of design.
Despite the issues that this new feature presents, it is a great option to have none the less. I imagine this will keep many customers happy until a fully customised solution can be tailored to their needs.
Feel free to contact KALTech to understand how we can create a custom look and feel to your SuccessFactors instance.
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