My introduction to the ‘real world’ of HR

As a HR graduate, I did not know what sector of HR I wanted to work in. HR has such a broad scope but I knew that I wanted a job with responsibilities and not to be stuck under one hat so to speak. Throughout my course, I did many interesting and different subjects such as Strategic Human Resources, Training and Development and Industrial Relations. It was an interesting concept learning HR through the textbook knowing one day that I would be a HR practitioner in the real world. I was anxious and motivated to work as soon as I graduated. After long anticipation, I got an opportunity at KALTech Group as a HCM Consultant in the graduate program.
As KALTech is a HR software implementation company, it has shown me a ‘behind the scenes’ view of HR processes. In addition, I am exposed to multiple facets of HR and HR processes. I now have a greater understanding of how payroll is configured and the processes involved. I have a better understanding of how an employee can request training or be assigned training and how an employee accrues leave or applies for leave. It has been a huge learning curve and KALES has given me the key to my growth and further development. KALES is a division of KALTech which focusses on overall Employment Solutions.
At university, textbooks were my learning reference whereas now I get to see that learning in a practical way. An example was when I received my first payslip. The textbook explained that a HR Manager is also in charge of a component called payroll. Payroll ensures that employees get paid for the work they do. I have now seen that there is a process behind payroll and the payslip is just the end result. The person in charge of payroll must keep master data updated so that each employee is paid correctly, tax and other deductions need to be calculated accurately and of course, paid. Each employee has a different salary structure and this needs to be factored into the processing steps as well.
As I mentioned earlier, I did not know what HR position I wanted to be involved in. However, being a HCM Consultant at KALTech for KALES has provided me an insightful understanding of HR. Instead of being stuck in one sector of HR, I am now seeing HR from different streams.
I was not exposed to many HR software solutions, however, with my involvement in KALES, it has certainly enthused me. KALES is a cloud solution that manages all HR processes entailing Core HR, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Talent Management and Recruitment. The system is smart and futuristic too as it also has a zero user interface concept called ‘Mail It’. Users do not need to log into the system with Mail It. They can request information such as leave balance by emailing a designated email id. The system knows how to efficiently communicate recurrent information. It is the future of HR in my opinion.

HCM Product Map
The system is intuitive and very easy to use. It has been designed in a way that makes HR processes simple and logical. There is also a very smart and magical function called a ‘Wizard’. It helps managers/admins perform lengthy tasks in a logical and sequential way. For example, when creating a new employee, the wizard will set up tabs open for this process such as employee file creation, assignment information, compensation information, maintain documents and bank details.
Lastly, wouldn’t it be great to be able to apply for leave, clock in a timesheet and view your payslip all on your mobile? Well with KALES, it is already possible! We have a mobile app which enables users to do the activities they usually do on their computers, conveniently on their mobiles! KALES understands that people are busy in a fast paced environment and efficiency is key.
Simplify access
Some of my personal highlights at KALTech so far are:
– Performing my first demo to a client – seeing all the hard work I invested to perform the demo and have the knowledge and communication skills to run through the KALES system to the CEO, CFO and other board members.
– Being the first candidate in the graduate program – it has been a huge learning curve. I have been provided with an adequate platform for learning opportunities and personal development .
– Flew interstate to deliver a demo to a prospective client.
I am now an enthusiastic and excited HR Consultant and with the knowledge I gained over the past few months, I am keen to work more on innovative HR systems discussing and providing robust HR solutions to clients.
KALES Consultant

This entry was posted on August 31st, 2016.

Introducing KALES – The future is here!!!

KALTech Group announces the release of its latest HR, Payroll and Travel Expense business solution catering to the growing demand for simplified effective solutions. KALES (KALTech Employment Solutions) is powered by Ramco HCM and is more than just a software solution. It is a complete business solution offering a hosted solution, partial or fully managed services – reducing your overall cost and improving your profitability.
Traditional players have starved the market of innovation. Limited functionality, expensive enhancements and costs for reports, inquiries, etc. all add up to the total operating costs. KALES is a complete solution covering all HR functions including Expense Management. Now you can focus on your people and not spend time navigating around systems or worrying about future changes. In fact change is inevitable. Our technology is designed keeping this in mind, so that you can focus on your business. We offer Core HR (Workforce Management), Time & Attendance, Payroll (across 35+ countries), Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning and Analytics.
Delivered via a smooth and impressive UI, the solution is easy to understand and operate. The mobile app facilitates greater access to the system and can also act as an employee kiosk for Time Capture. We also offer offline time capture (for those occasions when you lose system connectivity). Some of the key innovations are:

  • Mail It ➜ Interact with the system via email. You can query the system (e.g.: leave balances), create requests (e.g.: Travel Request), Approve or Reject the same. There are about 50 such transactions that can be ‘automated’ via this ZERO UI approach.
  • Thumb It ➜ Accelerate your mobile capture process by have defaults ‘dropped in’ as the system ‘learns’ the most commonly used options.
  • Hub It ➜ Improve efficiency by seeing all relevant data to a function in a single screen. You can run the Recruitment or Payroll or Time functions from a single screen.
  • Empsense ➜ Capture the mood of your organisation for better business management.

KALES is designed for growing companies and is scalable. Some of our unique features are:

  • Complete organic solution from hire to retire designed with refreshing simplicity e.g.: Mail it.
  • Intelligent; understands the user/purpose/situation context enabling actionable insights.
  • Unified HR, Time & Attendance with Global Payroll across 35+ countries and growing.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise business applications.
  • Kiosk via Mobile Devices.

We understand that not all companies are the same and we have a powerful rules engine that allows us to configure the solution to meet your specific Award/EBA conditions.
KALTech has delivered BPO services for many large organisations and with this wealth of experience; we can offer customers these 3 options:

  • Hosted ➜ We will host the system and you execute all activities.
  • Partially Managed Service ➜ We host the system and we execute some activities on your behalf while you do others.
  • Fully Managed Service ➜ We host and execute activities as agreed.

We can also provide full support services as part of the service.
So why not contact us and hear how over 400+ customers are benefiting from this solution.

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From HCI to HCP

If you haven’t already heard, SAP has renamed Hana Cloud Integration (HCI) to Hana Cloud Platform (HCP). So it’s a good opportunity to talk about how HCP can enhance your SuccessFactors experience.
One of the main advantages of cloud based software, such as SuccessFactors, is the ability to access the system anytime on any device. It is likely that SuccessFactors isn’t the only system your company is running. One common example we’ve found is that companies run a separate system for their payroll. However, the number of different systems a company runs could be vast. This creates a problem – data is now segregated, residing on different systems. Some data may even still be on your on-premises systems.

This is where HCP comes into its own. HCP is designed to communicate via API’s with both 3rd party on-premises and cloud based programs to synchronise data. It is designed to work with industry standard protocols such as SOAP and SFTP. It comes with standard API’s to allow SFSF to communicate with many major 3rd party systems.

Designing with HCP

So what if no API has been created for your 3rd party system? Luckily, HCP allows the creation of integration processes specific to your scenario. These processes can be simple (like translation from OData to JSON or Atom) or much more complex processes. Furthermore both asynchronous and synchronous processes can be created.

(Here we see an example of content based routing)
For example, we could create an export file from a 3rd party payroll system every week to define the user master data and upload that file to an SFTP server. SFSF would then poll that server at certain designated times and with mappings, it would translate the payroll fields into a format that would reflect correctly in the SFSF Foundation component. The data doesn’t have to be maintained in 2 places by the payroll team, just maintained once and updated in the secondary system. Of course, we could do it the other direction as well – Translate data from a SFSF format to a layout that could then be uploaded into the 3rd party system’s native format. This newly created process integrator could then be modified in the future to keep up with dynamic company requirements.

Integration is the key

Although data may need to be stored in different systems for different reasons, the best way to leverage the power out of a cloud system is to cross-reference as much data as possible. The first step is to determine how to bring your systems together (integrate), so that they can talk to each another seamlessly.


Cost Effectiveness

HCP facilitates communication between systems when cost is an issue. Not every company may be able to afford all modules of SuccessFactors. Some would prefer to use specialist software for certain modules only or they may already have functionality in place. HCP caters for these scenarios with the bonus of having all the different systems communicating with each other even if this capability isn’t within the native capability of the products.
Talk to KALTech to see how we can help integrate your systems with SuccessFactors.
SuccessFactors Consultant

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Customer Service – quality trumps speed

Businesspeople in meeting
Having worked in a service environment within IT for many years, I always have my antennae tuned in regarding service – whether received or delivered. Having been on both sides of the table, I have a complete picture of expectations and reality.
Customer Service should not be a foreign or optional concept. Consumers often revisit retailers or do repeat business with service companies based on how they are treated before, during and after the transaction is finalised. For some consumers, their decision is based on price whilst for many others it is a combination of price and service.
In an IT environment, every consultant should see themselves as having a personal brand, then as a service provider – but not as just another resource working for the company. At KALTech we nurture this practice and encourage our staff to develop their personal brand. If one is proud of one’s personal brand and takes pleasure in delivering it through one’s skillset, then the corporate brand takes care of itself. We do pride ourselves on service delivery at KALTech. It should never be about making a quick buck. Reputation, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction are integral in this triangle. Solutions are never rushed, thus ensuring that the correct resolution is implemented efficiently. In many cases this has also resulted in client’s seeing things differently, which eventually ensures expectations are realised for long term benefit.
Businesswoman wearing headset, looking at computer, smiling

The customer is King. The customer is always Right.

These ideologies are not something that should haunt a relationship or be abused either, but rather encourage and influence the experience. Under commit and over deliver is a safety net many service providers use – however honesty, integrity and efficiency pay dividends.
Delivering efficient customer service demands quality – sometimes this results in a slightly longer timespan but it’s worth the sacrifice in that the job is done and done well in the first instance. Many IT companies are in firefighting mode – extinguishing issues with under-thought make shift solutions, which end up being temporary, having to be revisited, and thus attracting more costs.
KALTech’s consulting principle ensures that we are transparent when agreeing expectations and delivery. With our extensive technical, functional and operational experience, we fully understand customer pain points and expectations and strive to achieve satisfactory outcomes with quality customer service. Our industry reputation supports this, both from a client and a partner relationship.
More haste, less speed is certainly something that doesn’t exist in our organisation but we don’t do things slowly – we do them effectively and efficiently.
Talk to us and experience The KALTech Difference!!
Consulting Manager

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