Mobile First

The way data is consumed has changed. Many people who travel to work on public transport are now updating themselves with all the relevant news from their mobile devices. Whilst complex programs will probably always require a larger screen with more options, providing users with applications/websites that are accessible through a mobile device will ensure the greatest potential to reach everyone and anyone.
This change in the market trend means that a change must be made in the mindset of businesses everywhere to ensure that the maximum amount of users will engage with your company. For the first time, Google has said that searches from mobile devices have now overtaken desktops in more than 10 countries. This is a trend that will only grow. Therefore we must have a mobile first mentality when designing and thinking about solutions. Of course we at KALTech have also seen this trend in cloud vs on-premises computing. One of the driving factors for cloud computing is the ability to update or view data anytime and anywhere. Mobile isn’t the future anymore, it’s the present.
Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile first design

Once upon a time, a secondary site would be created for mobile users and a primary site for the “mainstream” users. The more accepted practice now is to design apps and websites for mobiles first and use responsive design to scale for tablet, laptop and desktop users. Mobile users don’t wish to have their content restricted because their screen dimensions are smaller but they do expect that information will be well laid out and easy to access. Some companies are utilising an approach ensuring that tasks can be completed with just a thumb. Consider this when building a website or purchasing software for your company.

Change your on-premises mindset

Over the past few years, KALTech has completely re-aligned focus from on-premises to being a cloud focused company. One of the major reasons for the high adoption rates of the cloud has been the need to consume data anywhere, anytime and on any device. And why shouldn’t we expect this level of service? After all, our mobile phones now come with more features than our laptops/desktops. GPS has changed the way we track fleets, sms has changed the way we communicate and full featured browsers on mobile phones have changed the way we surf the web. Some of us even ask Siri for any answers daily. There is room in the market for both on-premises and cloud and not everyone needs a cloud system to succeed. Whatever way your company is structured, it would be wise to notice the trends and prepare to adopt mobility as a part of your strategy in the near future.
Your data needs to be accessed anywhere at faster speeds than before

Rapid deployment Solutions

With the uptake of cloud solutions becoming so high, the turnaround time to implement these solutions are becoming faster and faster. Talk with us to find out how we deployed SuccessFactors in just 17 days. These solutions are just one example of how a mobile first mindset is helping businesses accelerate growth and capability.

The old limitations are gone

With a revolution in hardware and software development, the old limitations are no longer valid. Mobiles are faster than ever before and certainly more capable. Not to mention that new lines of dialog with customers and employees are now open thanks to these pocket-sized devices. Understand the advantages for customers and employees and work out a strategy to leverage these new opportunities. Consider the importance and benefit of real time data ‘in your hand’.

Talk to the experts

Talk to us at KALTech for ideas on how you can move your business towards a mobile first mindset. Whilst we understand that this new technology won’t benefit everyone equally, having a conversation to understand the benefits may enable your company to reap hidden rewards. KALTech is not a one trick pony and thus we can customise solutions specific to your pain points.
Benjamin Perrin
SuccessFactors Consultant

This entry was posted on July 8th, 2016.