Connecting the dots…..SuccessFactors Onboarding Experience with KALTech

SuccessFactors Onboarding is one of the modules of the SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite. Onboarding automates business processes and outputs personalised data. It dramatically redefines the transition from candidates to employees even before joining the organisation. Onboarding assists in seamlessly welcoming and engaging new employees to the culture and structure of an organisation. The system offers intuitive processes for all constituents of the Onboarding process.
Business Benefits of SuccessFactors Onboarding:
Seamless transition – a personalised portal providing a common platform for new hires to find everything they need to know from the first day of engagement.
Set objectives for new hires: If a team has set goals already defined, then those goals can be shared with new hires immediately with the ability of tracking progress tied with the probation performance evaluation.
Access to learning management system: If SuccessFactors Learning Management is already deployes deployed, where training is already delivered according to roles—you can then apply that activity to new hires immediately as part of their Onboarding process.
Socialising: Initiate social engagement with the team and colleagues.
Automating Processes
Successfactors Onboarding at a glance:
Organisation culture familiarisation: SuccessFactors Onboarding provides tools that help new hires connect and feel comfortable even before the first day on the job.
Ensure compliance: Corporate and legal compliance for agreements is easily completed.
Wizards: The Hiring manager check list activates a step by step guide though through the hiring process.
Online Forms: This eliminates mundane paperwork and ensures all the forms are completed accurately.
Buddy up: Managers can assign buddies for networking, the new hire has the opportunity to meet new people, make new contacts with the team even before the start date and this creates a sense of belonging in little to no time.
Manage tasks: Onboarding involves multiple business functions like IT, IT Infrastructure, Security etc. In SuccessFactors the Onboarding communication is automated and mail notifications for relevant activities like mail IDs, Computers, phones, network access (to name a few) are executed based on company specific drivers. The new hire is enabled to the hit the ground running.

Personalised Onboarding Home Page
Onboarding Task List
Guidelines for Onboarding Process
Introduction to team members
Workflow Approval
Configure processes & Select stakeholders
Pre requisites
Electronic Forms
Configure forms to meet your requirements
Easy upload of documents
Reports & Analytics
Task Allocation
Schedule automated reports
Learning Objectives

Functionalities In a snap shot
SuccessFactors Onboarding connects new hires, managers, teams and all the constituents of the process and impacts employee engagement.
In short, SuccessFactors Onboarding helps customers consistently and efficiently convert new hires into engaged, empowered, productive employees by guiding the HR department, the hiring manager and the new hire in a meaningful way though the steps of the Onboarding process.
SuccessFactors Onboarding redefines the traditional onboarding experience.
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This entry was posted on October 13th, 2015.