SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is a next generation recruiting solution powered with engaging user experience, simplicity and efficiency. I’m excited about it for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the intuitive, seamless process that it follows from originating a new requisition to hiring candidates. SuccessFactors provides the robust, insightful and convenient solution that recruiting professionals greatly need.
Listed below are some of the features that I have found to be helpful to recruiting users:
a) One of the features is the options provided to either Copy Existing Job Requisition or Browse Families & Roles while creating a new requisition. The advantage is that some of the fields get auto filled, saving the recruiting user valuable time and effort.
b) The ability to add pre-screening questions in the requisition form is one of my favourite features of the solution. It allows questions to be set up as a disqualifier or to be scored. The required score and dis-qualifier questions help to automatically disqualify applicants who do not meet the required criteria. This could be of great benefit to recruiting users when there is a large number of applicants.
c) Another feature that I found to be beneficial is the ease with which recruiting users can view and move candidates between statuses within the candidate pipeline. This is a sample of what the candidate pipeline looks like and it can be configured to the client’s needs.
d) The options provided by Interview Central to interviewers to collect interview details and rate all of the candidates is another highlight of the solution. I find this page to be extremely useful because interviewers can view all of the interview related information in a consolidated format here – and by simply clicking on the Rate Now link they can add or change the rating and comments.
e) One of the last key features that I would like to highlight is View Candidate Ratings within the Interview Status. This allows recruiting users to view a summary of all interviewer ratings on each competency, and a total summary rating to make their decision.
These are just few of the features that I personally like and found beneficial. The solution overall, is extremely intuitive, seamless and beautifully built. If simplicity and efficiency is what you are looking after in your recruiting management solution then SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is the solution for you. We at KALTech Group are ready and capable to help you to a successful outcome.

This entry was posted on February 4th, 2015.