Let the data flow

When pouring a beer, you need a smooth flow, fast delivery with no interruption → All resulting in a smooth blend. The same is true for data management. You need a smooth flow of data, quickly and with no breaks or interruptions all resulting in a smooth delivery for data conversion, mass data loads or data extraction – in essence ‘Effective Data Management’.
I have worked on numerous projects around the world and data can make or break a project. Best solutions in all other areas of the project are at the mercy of good data management.
My experience has highlighted a few areas that should be integral for the data management function whether it be an Implementation, Data Load or Data extract. Common issues faced:
• Defining data strategies can be time consuming
• Difficulty in accessing, updating and extracting SAP data
• Making data available anywhere, anytime on any device
• IT resources become locked in data management tasks
• Difficulty in finding a data solution that supports all modules of SAP including CRM
KALTech has a solution that makes data management easy – in 3 simple steps.
So why is our solution superior:
• Data Quality → the process and toolset enforces data quality with correct governance processes and respect all meta layer security of SAP.
• Simple → The data management process is made simple for end users as well as project teams. Leveraging the power of Excel (most used business spreadsheet) we enhance the user experience. Heavy data requirements can be managed easily.
• Quick → There should be no need to write ABAP Code or LSMWs or any other technical code. Our process is ready in 3 simple steps.
• Efficient → We ensure a quick turnaround saving on Time, Money and Frustration.
• Data Movement → We can move data in and out of other databases directly using our Database enabled solution. Works on Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and many others.
• Access Anywhere → Access SAP from Excel, Mobile Devices or the Web
• Integration → Our solution works seamlessly with Sharepoint.
• SAP Modules → Works on all SAP modules including CRM, thereby offering a great ROI than single module products.
Now why would you choose anything else?

This entry was posted on March 25th, 2014.